How To Use

Please read the instructions carefully before using. Manufacturer accepts no liability for damage caused by incorrect use of the Soloportis Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser.


  • Plug the adapter into the base, then plug the diffuser into the socket.
  • Remove ceramic cover, inner cover and lid from the water tank.
  • Fill the tank up to the 120ml capacity marked on the tank with room temperature water (tap, filtered or purified water). The unit will not work without water.
  • Add 3-5 drops of your favorite 100% natural essential oil. Caution! It is better to start with too little rather than too much oil and add another drop for a stronger scent.
  • Replace lid, inner cover and ceramic cover.
  • Press MIST button to turn on diffuser. Light colors will start to rotate.
  • Press MIST to move between “Continuous”, 10 Seconds Intermittent setting, 1 Hour or 2 Hours. To turn mist off, press MIST again and hold for 2 seconds.
  • To select a static color, press LIGHT button and repeat till you reach the color you want which will stay until you press LIGHT again.
  • To turn the light off, press the LIGHT button for 2 seconds.
  • At any time you can turn off the diffuser by pressing the MIST or the TIMER buttons for 2 seconds.
  • If there is insufficient water in the tank, the diffuser will turn off automatically.
  • When the TIMER model is OFF the LED lights will also be OFF.

Use only 100% natural essential oils. Oils containing chemical fragrance, spices or impurities will cause the unit to malfunction and are not covered by warranty.

NOTE: The amount and intensity of mist produced can vary as a result of air temperature, humidity, air flow (including air conditioners and fans), water type and temperature and between different models of diffusers. This is not a fault.


Please read the instructions carefully before using. Manufacturer accepts no liability for damage caused by incorrect use of the Soloportis Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser.

  • Clean diffuser after 5 or 6 uses or 2 to 3 days (if using the same essential oil each time). Clean before using a different essential oil.
  • Use cotton swab to clean ceramic disk at the base of the water tank. Do not rub the disk, only gently wipe.
  • Never use detergents, solvents or abrasive agents to clean any part of the diffuser.


  • Fill over the 120 ml MAX line.
  • Use mineral or sparkling water.
  • Touch the ceramic ultrasonic disk.
  • Turn on diffuser when the tank is empty.
  • Tip or move diffuser while in use.
  • Touch the Ultrasonic vibration plate (disk) unless gently using a cotton swab
  • Take the diffuser apart or expose electrical parts.
  • Fill or refill with water while the diffuser is ON.
  • Use more than 3-5 drops of essential oil can cause diffuser to clog.
  • Put on a wet or uneven surface including carpet, a bed or unstable areas.
  • Leave diffuser turned ON when moving or cleaning it.
  • Touch diffuser or adapter with wet hands.
  • Put in direct sunshine, heat sources, air conditioners and fans.
  • Allow mist to flow directly onto furniture, clothing, walls, electronics as essential oils can stain.
  • Use other acids, enzymes or detergents.

If smoke or burning smell is detected UNPLUG immediately. The diffuser is covered by a 12 month electrical warranty with proof of purchase required for the warranty to be effective. The ceramic cover is NOT covered by warranty though every effort is made to package the item properly to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

If the diffuser is knocked over during use, follow these steps as soon as possible to avoid malfunction:

  • Unplug the unit from the wall and from the base.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Pour out any remaining water from the tank
  • Shake the unit very gently to help it drain any water inside the base
  • Allow to dry for 48 hours


CAUTION: Keep the diffuser away from children and pets. It is not a toy.

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