Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser (Bubbles)


  • Safe to use when not in the room and when sleeping as automatic shut off button kicks in when water tank empties to stop diffusing. Clean and safe to use around baby or pets.
  • 7 hours use on continuous humidify (14 hours on intermittent) from the efficient and quiet 120ml capacity tank, without irritating water noises. Room size for adequate cover is 400 sq ft which is a fairly large room.
  • Relax and unwind (or a romantic mood setting) with a modern ceramic unit on a stable PP electric base. Beautiful designs enhance the 7 LED color changing lights that are also an optional pretty nightlight.

Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser (Diamonds)


  • Therapeutic aroma diffuser. Humidifying a room with water and pure essential organic oils helps diffuse the oil into super fine particles that are easier for the lungs to absorb, easing congestion and inflammation of the airways.
  • Super easy to operate and clean.  The best and safe alternative to candles. These compact humidifiers are portable (just need to plug in to a power source) so take one when you travel (needs tap or filtered water). Great for home, spa, office, bedroom or any space you like (perhaps not outdoors)

       Different LED Colors of Aroma Diffuser

How to Pack Aroma Diffuser and Getting it Out of the Box


Step 1

To get the aroma diffuser out of the box, turn the box upside down and hold the polyfoam.


Step 2

Take the polyfoam with the aroma diffuser off the box.


Step 3

Pull aroma diffuser off from the polyfoam.


Step 4

Finish! (the aroma diffuser is now out of box)


Step 5

To pack aroma diffuser, place the adapter first into the bottom of the box.


Step 6

Put a shaped card above the adapter.


Step 7

Add another shaped card.


Step 8

Wrap aroma diffuser with pearl wool bag.


Step 8

Place wrapped aroma diffuser on top of shaped card.


Step 10

Place polyfoam above the aroma diffuser.


Step 11

Inner of polyfoam is shaped to fit the aroma diffuser inside.


Step 12

Press the polyfoam to fit into the box.


Step 13

Polyfoam should be perfectly fitted inside the box, Adjust if necessary.

Maintenance Tips

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