Our Pick Of Useful Facebook Fishing Groups

Facebook fishing groups – the best way to get your fishing fix when you can’t make it to the water.



“Three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn.”– Chuck Clark

No, we know it’s not the same as getting out on the water, but getting lost in a discussion on the best tackle or rod might just be your lifeline till the weekend.

What makes a Facebook fishing group?

A Facebook GROUP (rather than ‘Facebook PAGES’, of which there are plenty) is built for interaction. That means you can post pics of the big one that didn’t get away, get hints and advice, read (or give) recommendations on new products.There are plenty of great pages to “Like” but here we’re focusing on Facebook fishing groups that add the most value.

So what does it take to make our ‘go-to’ list?

Good question! No one likes a party of one, which is why we like to hang around Facebook fishing groups that have a pretty good following. But size doesn’t always matter, so we look for interaction. We like active posts that people respond to and new content that comes as a result of that response.

Finding the best Facebook fishing groups for you

facebook groups for women

United Women On The Fly Facebook Group

There are literally a gazillion groups related to all things fishing, so how do you find a group that fits like a pair of fishing gloves?

We’re creatures of habit and we like to be around others with similar interests. So, look out for the location, style of fishing, habitat, technique, species targeted, and experience level during your search. Here are obvious examples: check out Kayak Bass Anglers Of Central Maine (a newbie Facebook fishing group) and Galveston Saltwater Fishing.

See what we mean?

Now that we have that straight, here’s a round-up of Facebook fishing groups that made our first port of call:

1. The Fly Fishing Community

This is a top Facebook site for fly fishing devotees to talk, add a pic, ask a question, and dish out advice. You are pretty much guaranteed to get a response and maybe make a fishing buddy or two as well. Not for business or promotion, just a free open forum in which to post and share information relevant to the fly fishing community.

2. Brown Trout Nation Facebook Fishing Group

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in a group of tens of thousands. Brown Trout Nation might be a tad smaller than others on the list but it’s overflowing with species-enthusiastic anglers.

Share stories, pictures (live pics only), videos, or any other media documenting encounters with the Salmo trutta.

3. Bass Fishing USA

A Facebook fishing group dedicated to the pursuit of all things bass and bass fishing; from beginners to seasoned anglers sharing tips, techniques, stories, and pictures.

4. Kayak Bass Fishing

Another group for those looking to hook great advice, pics and videos of kayaks and bass. Between the group, page, and website you’ll find videos, info, and competitions related to kayak bass fishing.

5. Maine Ice Fishing

If you were born with ice cubes in your veins, this specialist Facebook fishing group is for you. No promotional posts, but there is a link to the Maine ice fishing swap and sell, for items such as traps, shacks, vintage snowmobiles and more.

6. Fly Fishing Gear Buy, Sell Or Trade Facebook Fishing Group

Although at first glance you might overlook this niche group (unless you are in need of gear), we think you’d be missing out. While there is fishing gear available from throughout the US (the Facebook group also includes members from around the globe) there’s a lot of advice to be had as well.

7. Wasatch Women’s Fly Fishing Club

Finding a women’s group truly dedicated to fishing was a challenge but one of the bigger women’s Facebook fishing groups we came across was Utah’s first all women fly fishing club. Meet other female anglers of all levels in a welcoming environment and improve your fly fishing knowledge and skills.

8. United Women On The Fly

And there’s one more for the ladies. Rather than fiercely competing against each other, United Women On The Fly is a group that brings female anglers together. If you’re interested in fly fishing events, trainings, and gatherings that are happening across the US and beyond, follow this. The page aims to unite women across the globe, making it easier to locate fly fishing education, gear information, buddies and trips specifically for women. Follow on Instagram @unitedwomenonthefly

9. California Sportfishing League

Sometimes fun has to get serious. The California Sportfishing League is a statewide coalition of Californian anglers and small business leaders dedicated to protecting recreational fishing. Not in California? It’s worth staying on top of impending legislations that may change how you are allowed to conduct your favorite sport. What happens in California can often start creeping up in other areas so stay informed.

*our Facebook fishing groups list is by no means exhaustive so be sure to check out all there is on offer for Facebook fishing groups.

If you have comments or suggestions, just let us know below!

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