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How Long Is A Trout – Measuring & Weighing

With rumors and conversations going on about figuring out the length of a fish, we decided to put an end to the trout measuring discussion. So how do you accurately weigh and measure trout?Does the size really matter?Absolutely, size does matter, how else can you adequately brag about the “big one” you just caught? Seriously though […]

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Fly Tying for Beginners

Fly tying is a creative art steeped in history. Mastering (or even dabbling) in that art can give huge rewards and much satisfaction. What is fly tying? Fly tying is the skill of creating artificial flies to hook fish. It is a functional art form dating back to the 13th century. The results of this […]

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Fishing buddies on the river

How To Learn To Fish

Like anything else you need to know where to go when you learn to fish. Who to ask, what to ask, where to look to get the information you need are all considerations. The process of finding out how to learn to fish comes with serious effort as you move from novice to expert. Whether […]

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