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Fishing Women – They Are Out There!

There are increasing numbers of fishing women making their presence felt in the angling world. Although fishing continues to be male-dominated, it doesn’t mean fishing women aren’t out there. And we’re not talking about the scantily clad women you see on the web. We’re talking about the women who are going out and showing their […]

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Anglers Who Became Internet Fishing Celebrities, Pt 2

We posted the first four internet fishing celebrities earlier. Here are the other four that we think are worth following for fishing tips and adventures.Fishing celebrities we love:1. Josh Jorgensen (BlacktipH) is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline […]

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Online Fishing Celebs – Pt 1

The internet allows anyone with camera and social media account to become a part of the generation of rising fishing celebrities. Thanks to the visibility and share-ability of […]

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